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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

Educational Small Groups

Independent educational small groups form a large proportion of GP CPD in Wessex. Information is available from:


The WGPET office:

- finding a local group to join

- attracting members to established groups

- advice on planning meetings

- accessing funding

- maximising the educational impact of meetings.




Practice Based Small Group Learning is an innovative approach to Continuing Professional Development for General Practitioners. It consists of learning modules which are designed for GP small group discussion based on relevant patient problems. Each module comprises of the problems, the evidence, patient information and websites. There are a number of modules for the group to choose from which take 1-2 hours and are run by one of the group who has trained as a facilitator. Each PBSGL group consists of the facilitator and 5 to 12 participants who will meet every 4 to 8 weeks.

The model originated in Canada and since 2005 it has grown rapidly in Scotland and England. Now over 25% of all GPs in Canada and Scotland are in a group. Wessex is the first region in England to develop this system.

The annual subscription for PBSGL is at present £120.00 which is used to cover the costs of creating the modules. The Trust will partially refund full paying subscription members £60.00 upon the completion of an annual programme and subject to attendance of at least five meetings. 

For more information about PBSGL please visit www.pbsgl.co.uk or contact Dr Jonathan Rial: jonathan@pbsgl.co.uk