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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

GP Trainees

Most of the relevant support information for GP trainees (or Associates in Training - AiTs) is either on the deanery or patch websites. However, you may find the following links useful:

Website Links

Deanery Website:  Trainee Pages

Patch Websites:    Mid Wessex             Southampton                  Dorset                  Portsmouth


Exam Preparation

Preparing to take the MRCGP AKT: A concise guide for trainees

Available to download from the RCGP AKT page


Wessex CSA Revision Guide

Available from the Health Education Wessex MRCGP page



Wessex Associates in Training Handbook

Available to download from the Wessex Deanery Trainee pages here


Wessex Associates in Training Maternity Handbook

Available from the deanery Less Than Full Time Training page > click on "A guide to planning your maternity leave"

Also advice on Deanery Leave for Study, Holiday, Training, Maternity etc


What is an LMC? A Guide for GPSTs

Available from the Wessex LMC Trainee GPs page


Getting Ready to Qualify as a GP

Available from the Wessex LMC Trainee GPs page, this guide has been written to help you navigate the final few months of your GP training. By now you will be totally au fait with your ePortfolio and what is required of you as a GP trainee. As you qualify the rules change again and up until now there hasn’t been a clear checklist of all the expected processes you need to do from all the different organisations.  Many of the VTS schemes will cover these during their Day Release sessions. This guide aims to supplement this and also be a point of reference for those who may miss those sessions due to holiday, illness or extended leave.  It covers topics such as applying for your CCT, applying to be on the GMC specialist register, applying to be on the NPL, updating your medical indemnity, and getting ready for appraisal and revalidation.


Other Resources

There are some fantastic, free learning resources are available at the Pennine and Bradford VTS websites:

Wessex Associates in Training Subcommittee

The Wessex AiT Subcommittee was created to give GP trainees the opportunity to voice their opinions on the development of policy and future initiatives in relation to their GP training and membership. It is run ‘by trainees, for trainees’. It aims to provide support through identifying and solving problems that may arise and be an advocate for trainees in liaising with the Deanery and Royal College. The sort of issues that arise can be anything from training posts to exam queries.

The committee membership is flexible but we aim to have a chair and deputy (elections for this are co-ordinated centrally by the RCGP with all current Wessex AiTs eligible to vote) who also attend the meetings of the National AiT committee; a representative for each of the four patches within Wessex; and two Less Than Full Time trainee representatives. The Committee usually meets 3-4 times each year. If you would like more information about joining the committee please email: wessexAiT@gmail.com


WGPET Membership

Membership of WGPET and use of this website is available to trainees at a reduced rate.

See membership payments pages for this year's rates