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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

Information for Education Providers

This website aims to list all relevant GP education events occuring in the Wessex region, including events run by local NHS organisations, CCGs, Health Education Wessex, Wessex Faculty RCGP, Wessex LMC, local private hospitals and some private companies. WGPET reserves the right to decline to list any event which it deems to be unsuitable. Pharma sponsored events can only be listed if the education is being provided by a local clinician.

We hope that in listing your event here you will extend your marketing to a wide range of local GPs, and in return they will be able to search and access the events they need.


Registering as an event provider

If you organise events for GPs you can register to list these events yourself on this site (subject to approval by WGPET).

Step 1: Email your details to Karen Whalley (WGPET Trust Manager) - wgpet@wgpet.co.uk  or Joanna Welch (Education, Training & Development Assistant) - joanna.welch@wessexlmcs.org.uk (Please include the email address you would like to use to access the website, and details of your organisation.

Step 2: A group will be created for you and an email invite sent to you to join.

Step 3: Follow the link in the email to the parent website Fourteenfish.com, and create an account if you have not already done so. (log in details for Fourteenfish are the same as for the WGPET website).

Step 4: Follow the instructions below to add or edit an event. You can do this through the Fourteenfish website (under 'events') 

Step 5: When you save an event it will then be approved by WGPET prior to it being listed. This can take a couple of working days.


Creating or Editing an Event

Log in to https://www.fishbase.co.uk/event/admin?admin=true

Then follow instructions below. It is important to make sure you have added ALL the information requested to allow your event to be searched for. The following points are particularly important for listing and enabling searching:


1. Click "Create an Event"

Title: Event or Series with concise topic. It is important to name the series (eg Winchester Refresher).

Event Date: The event date(s)

Time of Day: important for searches

CPD Hours: The number of hours of education provided, important for GPs to link to their learning diaries

Bookable Event: It is possible to manage bookings for your event through the site, although please note there is a 5% administration fee deducted from payments made using this function. If you select "No" there is no charge for listing your event. For more information contact wgpet@wgpet.co.uk

Display from date: leave blank to display immediately

Contact Details: are very important as this will be how people contact you to arrange to book on events (or report if they have problems booking through the website.)

Private: To display on the WGPET website please select "No"

Community: This is your Education Provider name which will be listed on the website

Event Series: This is a function if you have saved event details to be used in future events.

Capacity etc: These boxes are only relevant to booking. If you are not using the booking feature, select Bookable Event - No in the box above.

About this event: This is a free text area for all the information about your event - please add speakers, programmes, other info here. If you have a flyer you could cut and paste into this box or upload it later. The more information here the better.

2. Select Save Changes

3. Add a attachment eg flyer, application form - Under "Event details". Click on the add attachment button to upload.

4. Add a venue - Under the "Logistics" button

(If your venue is not listed select "venue not listed below" at the top of the drop down list. "Add a venue" will then appear. If you are adding a new venue please can you make sure the "City" field is filled in with the nearest large town/city (spelled correctly, with no spaces after the word) and postcode is correct as this is the field listed on the courses list.)

5. Tag the content of the event and who it is relevant to, so it is searchable on the site - Under "Website Options".  Under the Website options button also tick for the event to appear on the WGPET website

6. Please could you also UPLOAD ANY SLIDES OR HANDOUTS after the event.

Our GPs are able to search past events for learning resources and this would be very useful for them and enhance the site.


When creating an Event Series:

Please name your series with location or provider to distinguish between different series on the same topic.