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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

Practice-based Education

Resources for your practice educational meetings, including accessing WGPET funding via PEMS (previously PEAS), modular programmes (including the LMC "Lunch and Learn" and PBSGL) and support for organising Away Days:

Practice Education Meeting Scheme (PEMS) - previously PEAS

The Practice Education Meeting Scheme (PEMS) provides funding for practice in-house clinical educational meetings. 

To be eligible practices must have 8 hours or more clinical education meetings a year and provide a brief description of the learning from each meeting. Forms are provided, which can also be used to provide evidence for personal PDPs and appraisal portfolios. Please see below.

Each full paying WGPET member who attends the meetings earns the practice £75.00 per year to support the meetings, which is payable to the practice upon the completion of a 12 month programme of regular meetings. There is a maximum payment limit of £800 per claim under this scheme.


As well as accessing funding to support your educational meetings the scheme encourages participants to think about what they have learned and and how it will influence their practice. Evidence suggests that this increases the effectiveness of the educational activity. Forms can also be used as evidence of learning for appraisal purposes.


Any practice undertaking clinical educational meetings totaling 8 hours over 12 months.

An "Educational meeting" is considered to be any meeting which is specifically organised to meet a clinical educational need and which shows evidence of learning.

Meetings which the practice are required to undertake for other reasons ARE NOT FUNDED under this scheme. It should therefore be noted that QOF, Prescribing, Significant Events, Management Meetings and Clinical Muliidisciplinary meetings (eg Frailty reviews/Gold standard reviews) DO NOT meet the educational criteria.

It is hoped that practices will use these meetings to structure a programme of educational events for the whole healthcare team.


Funding is granted once evidence of learning has been approved by the local education team on receipt of the documentation at the end of the year. Whilst funding is based on the number of WGPET members attending (£75/member/year), practices are encouraged to involve the whole healthcare team and use in-house expertise to meet the learning needs of all team members.

The Process

Top Tips from Current PEMS Practices:

"Provide lunch! You could even use your WGPET reimbursement to help with this"

"Encourage involvement of sessional (locum/salaried) GPs and other health care workers"

"Time your meetings to maximise access and attendance"

"Encourage all attendees to contribute and lead meetings"

Download Forms

PEMS Application Form

PEMS Record of Meeting - for annual submission to WGPET.

Any other queries please use the "Contact Us" below


Lunch and Learn

If you prefer to use set modules for your practice educational meetings Wessex LMCs are developing a range of training packages entitled LMC lunch and learn



Practice Based Small Group Learning is another resource for guided modular small group learning which might be suitable for your practice educational meetings.


Practice Away Days

Facilitation for Practice Away Days

Health Education Wessex (HEW Courses and Conferences) is offering to fund facilitation for GP practices for away day or practice review meetings.  Experienced facilitators are available for free, funded by HEW, to plan and facilitate an away day for whole or part of the staff team or for partnerships and practice managers. The Courses and Conferneces Centre is offering up to a day and a half of facilitator time as part of a pilot project. After preliminary discussions the facilitator will usually meet with the practice manager and key individuals to develop an outline plan for a day or half day meeting and clarify clear objectives for the meeting. Feedback from those using this service has been very positive.

The service is entirely confidential and the issues raised will not be discussed elsewhere. Issues that practices have looked at in these sessions have included: team building, communication, understanding the impact of change (resilience of teams), planning ahead and implementing change (strategic and operational), exploring new solutions to challenges (learning from difficult situations). Partnerships have in addition looked at succession planning, major changes (mergers and splits), recruitment, federation, leadership and decision making. Also on offer is a free meeting room (subject to availability) at Southern House, Otterbourne as a venue for your away day. The two facilitators available to facilitate on your day are Dr David Owen and Nicki Spiegal.

David Owen is a facilitator with expertise in organisational review, strategic planning and team development.  In addition to his clinical practice he has for 20 years worked part time in medical education and training.  David is co editor of a book on clinical supervision for medical practitioners, part of the GP – Wessex Tutor Group and is lead on personal professional development at Southampton medical school.  He has worked as an organisational consultant in the private and ‘third’ sector and more recently has focussed on working with healthcare teams and organisations.

Nicki Spiegal is a facilitator with over 20 years experience of working with GP practices.  A primary care nurse by background she has facilitated hundreds of practice away days in Wessex and beyond, as well as researching change in primary care and leading clinical supervision groups for GPs and nurses.  She has led an RCGP Commission on Primary Care, presented research papers in the UK and abroad and is a long-standing tutor on the Experienced GP Trainer Programmes.

If you would like to arrange a preliminary conversation with one of the facilitators, or to find out how other practices have made use of this service then please contact either David (David.Owen@soton.ac.uk) or Nicki (nicki@nickispiegal-associates.com).

If you would like to check on room availability – Monday – Friday during office hours at Southern house, Otterbourne, SO21 2RU please contact Jane Carr via email at Jane.Carr@wessex.hee.nhs.uk