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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

Linking my WGPET Account

To book on WGPET events as a WGPET member on this site or through the Wessex LMCs website then your account with the website must be linked to your WGPET membership.

Checking if your account is linked

This may have been done using your WGPET details if you already have an account with the following websites:

To check please log into this website then visit the My WGPET page by clicking on the menu option above. The first section on this page, called membership, will inform you if your account is linked.

My account isn't linked

If it isn't linked then you can request to link just by entering your WGPET number into the relevant text box.

My account is linked

If your account is linked then it should say here. It should also say if your membership is up to date or expired and if it is expired you can pay online if you wish.

If this page states that your membership is expired but you don't think this is the case then please contact us.

I don't have an account with WGPET, Wessex LMCs, myLMC or RevalidationToolkit

It is completely free to register by clicking on the Register link from the home page. 

When you register please enter your WGPET number.

I am not yet a WGPET member

You can still register with the website (or log in if you have already registered) then request to link with WGPET. Once you have been linked you can then pay your membership online from the My WGPET page.

I have requested to link to WGPET but I have not yet heard anything

You can see the status of your link request on the MyWGPET page.

It normally only takes a few days to process your link request and if we need any further information we will contact you.

If nothing has changed for several days then please contact us.