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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

Member Benefits 2020-21

The 2020/21 Membership year will commence on 1st April 2020 and end on 31st March 2021, when the charity will then close

Contact the Trust Manager (wgpet@btconnect.com) if you need any further information.

The following benefits are available to subscription paying members, see below for further details:

Attend local courses for free or at a reduced cost

Partial reimbursement when paying for and attending "out of area" events (Scheme C)

Funding support for independent small groups

Funding support for practice-based "in house" education meetings (PEMS previously PEAS)

Partial reimbursement of the fee paid to join a PBSGL Group

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Attend local courses for free or at reduced cost

Membership entitles doctors to attend as many WGPET underwritten events as they wish. The majority of meetings and courses arranged by GP Tutors and their Associates fall within this category.

The Trust also purchases a number of places on independent courses within its area so that members can  attend these without cost.

The Trust will also subsidise the cost of members attending some local independently organised meetings such as RCGP, Wessex Faculty and Wessex LMCs  resulting in WGPET members being able to attend these meetings at a reduced cost.

Reimbursement for ‘outside’ events (Scheme C)

Members may claim re-imbursement of part of the educational cost when attending "outside" events, subject to certain limits. For the year 2020/21 the value of the partial refund will be based on the subscription fee you paid in 2019/20.  Therefore members who paid the full 2019/20 subscription of £165.00 can claim up to a maximum of £82.50, 50% of the basic WGPET subscription.  For those who paid the £82.50 subscription, the maximum claim is £41.25.  Any refund is limited to 75% of the course fee.  To make a claim under Scheme C please send via email or post a copy of your receipt & course certificate to the WGPET Trust Manager - wgpet@btconnect.com .

Funding support for Independent Small Groups

WGPET supports a number of Small Groups across the region usually with the payment of a £40 “organiser fee” for each meeting held. Typically this fee is then used for the benefit of the group with their self directed learning.  A register and evidence of the educational learning is required to enable the payment to be made.  It is expected that the majority of attendees at these meetings will be members of WGPET, guests are however welcome.

Funding support for practice-based education meetings

The "Practice Education Meeting Scheme" (PEMS) was set up by WGPET with the GP Tutors to assist practices in developing "in house" educational programmes.

The Trust has agreed to contribute up to £75 for each member per year towards the costs payable when an annual programme including a minimum of eight educational meetings has been completed.  There will now be a maximum payment limit of £800 per claim under this scheme.

For more details see Practice In-House Education in Resources.

Reimbursement towards PBSGL membership

Practice Based Small Group Learning (PBSGL) is an innovative form of CPD providing up to date modules for GP small group discussion. For more information see Educational Small Groups - PBSGL.

The annual subscription for PBSGL is currently £120.00 (which covers the costs of creating and maintaining the modules). The Trust has agreed to partially refund members £60 (or £30 for those paying £87.50 WGPET subscription) upon the completion of an annual programme and subject to attendance of at least five meetings. For more information on PBSGL visit www.pbsgl.co.uk or contact jonathan@pbsgl.co.uk

Get full access to online services

Including the facility to book courses online, search for educational events, download handouts and slides from past events, save watch lists of events and choose email reminders.

Enquiries about funding and requests for reimbursement of fees incurred should be directed to WGPET