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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

Sessional GPs

A Sessional GP is any qualified GP who is not working as a partner in a practice. As there can be varying access to GP education and support depending on working arrangements and location, we hope to support local sessional GPs with the following resources:


Meeting the requirements for appraisal and revalidation can be challenging as a locum or sessional GP. The Wessex LMC has developed an excellent guide to help: Revalidation for GP Locums or Sessional GPs - A Practical Guide


Local Groups and Contacts

Sessional Email Group

If you would like to be included on a Wessex Sessional email group, please contact Dr Julie Chinn (Wessex Sessional GP Support Lead) by contacting the Southampton GP Education unit SGP Ed Unit .

Sessional Doctors Groups

The Southampton Sessional Doctors Group is organised by Dr Julie Chinn and meet regularly.  Meetings are open to all Sessional Doctors working in General Practice in Southampton and the surrounding areas.  Meetings are held approximately every two months and have a mixture of relevant speakers and peer support.

Educational Small Groups

There are a number of small groups of GPs who run educational meetings in Wessex. Please see the Educational Small Groups page.   



The NHS Pension Agency has guidance on pensions for locums and Locum Pension Forms A and B for download.


Newly Self Employed

The HMRC website Self Employed can help you register as self employed and tells you what you need to do



Additional Information is available at the National Association of Sessional GPs website, www.nasgp.org.uk.



The BMA website page for Sessional GPs includes model contracts for Salaried doctors and Retainers, as well as guidance for Locums on making agreements with practices and negotiating fees.

The Salaried GPs Handbook is also available to members.


BMA GP Subcommittee

Local BMA Sessional GP Representative

Dr Felicity (Fliss) Shaw writes:

"My name is Fliss and I have been a GP for 25 years. For about 2/3s of that time I have been in partnerships and for 1/3 I have been a sessional (locum) GP. I am a representative on the Local and National Committees for sessional GPs (i.e. Wessex LMCS and the BMA sessional GP sessional subcommittee).

Being a sessional GP can be great but there can be difficulties and you may find it useful to use me if you have difficulties. If I can’t help I will know someone who can...

There are many issues that probably bother you as they do me: keeping up to date with rapidly changing pathways, funding policies, QOF changes, getting Employers superannuation paid, appraisal and revalidation, persuading GP partners that we are worth our pay and getting our roles valued by everyone.(There are lots more issues.)

Did you know that over 60% of GP consultations every day are done by sessional GPs?
How could the NHS manage without us?

I plan to liaise with CCGs and Education providers and plan to set up a Wessex /Southern Sessional GPs Facebook page so we can connect and keep ourselves linked together informally.

Drop me an e-mail if you have anything that’s bothering you or if you would like to subscribe to my local GP sessional GP newsletter or Facebook page.