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The Wessex GP Educational Trust

Membership Payments

The 2019-20 membership year BEGINS ON 1ST APRIL 2019.

Registering with the website

You need to register, even if you are already a WGPET member.

Go to "Log In" at the top of the page and follow the instructions. TO MAKE ANY PAYMENTS YOU MUST FIRST LOG IN TO WGPET WEBSITE.

2019-20 WGPET Membership

New Members

Register with the website as above and then subscribe as a new member on the "MyWGPET" pages.  If you have NEVER been a member of WGPET in the past, half year membership is available on the full subscription fee from 1st October and valid until 31st March.  Half year membership are not processed before mid September.  Please contact the WGPET office for further details and  payment options - Karen Whalley at wgpet@wgpet.co.uk or 023 8025 3874. 

Existing Members

Register with the website as above and then add your WGPET number to your account.

You will need to renew your membership for 2019/20 in March/April. This can be done in the usual way by BACS, cheque or with an online payment via the "MyWGPET" pages.  Please note there is no discount for existing members re-joining part way through the year.  We will contact all existing members  in mid March to outline the renewal payment options and detail.


Subscription rates for the 12 month period commencing 1st April 2019 ending 31st March 2020

For more information please contact Karen Whalley at wgpet@wgpet.co.uk


Honorary Membership

Honorary membership is no longer available.